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Eye Glass "Graveur" - 'Xtra - Ø 40 mm'

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Made in Germany

This watchmaker loupe is unique due to its very large lens diametre: Ø 40 mm. Very rare size to find making it very comfortable to hold.

The biconvexe lens is scratch-resistant and produces a very sharp and extremely high contrast image. Schweizer uses a UV absorbent optical crown as used with prescription lenses (refractive index n=1.52). The housing is made of light-plastic with an air-circulation hole. All materials used in the fabrication are of the highest quality.

  • magnification: 4x, 5x
  • lens diameter: Ø40mm
  • biconvex glass lens (silicate glass),
  • high resolution
  • made in Germany

SCHWEIZER was founded in 1840 and has developed from being a facility for glass cutting and manufacturing optical products into an enterprise with the largest product assortment in the European market for people with sight defects. SCHWEIZER was the first company worldwide to release a modulated magnifying glass system and during the end of the 1990‘s it produced the world's first illuminated magnifying glasses with LED technology.  Also, by developing the Tech-Line Series, SCHWEIZER has created an ultra-modern magnifier generation with technically sophisticated products meeting the demands of any work environment.
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