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HEINE HR-C® Binocular Loupes

Product No.:
Heine HR-C
Complete with S-Frame Set:
Optics + Case (only):

Particularly recommended for general dental use and surgery. The S-Frame is optional and can be added below. In any case, the optics are delivered in a Heine case, as in picture 4.

How can I buy this Product?
Two possible options:
[1] Complete Set HR-C Binocular Loupe Sets with S-Frame incl. Heine Case, 2 sterilisable swivel levers, retaining cord and cleaning fluid
[2] HR-C Binocular Loupe Optics (only) with Heine Case  

Please choose your options below.

Colour Correction and excellent Depth of Focus. HR (high resolution) – chromatic optics with exclusive multi-coating technology for the brightest, crispest images.
Super Light Weight (45 g including frame). Greatest user-comfort over extended periods.
Modern, Compact Design. The advanced, compact, and functional design makes it easy to look past the optics when an unmagnified view is preferred.
Precise Optical Adjustment. HEINE binocular loupes have independently-adjustable optics left and right to adjust the exact inter-pupillary distance (PD), and a 3-link adjustable mounting arm.
Water- and Dust-Resistant. The loupes are water and dust resistant according to [IP65/IEC 60529 (2000)], ensuring ease of cleaning/disinfection.