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ZEISS Visor Magnifiers (Model L)

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10 ZEISS Pre-Moisted Wipes
1.25, Product No.: 210122
1.4x, Product No.: 2101221
These high quality ZEISS Visor instruments bring together the industry's widest range of flexible, comfortable visor-mounts with the unsurpassed quality of Zeiss lenses.  A Zeiss hands-free vision aid is an essential tool for any precision craft involving a long period of viewing fine detail, such as:
  • engraving and model making
  • intricate embroidery and lace making
  • medical and dental hygiene professions
  • miniaturized component assembly
  • quality assurance inspection

Model L Head-worn loupe with binocular loupe component for stereoscopic near vision is also suitable for spectacle wearers. The Head-worn Loupe L is suitable for situations where low magnifications are sufficient. The user's hands remain free to perform whatever task is required. The vertically adjustable visor with lateral shielding prevents stray light from impairing the wearer's vision and can be easily swung out of the field of view, if required. To enhance wearing comfort, the headband is fitted with an exchangeable textile pad. A spare pad is included with the loupe on delivery. The elastic rear headband can be set to whatever length is needed. The Head-worn Loupe L is available with the powers 4 D or 6 D.

Our gift to you: With each ZEISS order we include 10 ZEISS Pre-Moistened Lens Cleaning Wipes.


Prod No. 
 Magnification Working Distance
Eye to Object
    Viewing area        dpt       Weight  
  210122   1,25x 260 mm   83 x 100 mm   4 110g
  2101221    1,4x 200 mm 72 x 75 mm  6  110g

The lenses from this model can also be placed in the ZEISS Spectacle Clip model