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Peak Illuminated Magnifier #1987

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Lens Cleaner - Self-Cleansing (25ml), Product No.: 99001 ( +£ 2.90 )

 The size and light makes this a nice companion for reading or, if you are traveling by car or are on a night walk, for inspecting a map. This has been personally tested- the details of the map are clearly displayed by the excellent lens. Its frame and housing is made out of high-impact, elastic styrol, which is very durable and will keep the magnifiers new look for years.

Alternatively, if you take off the front lens, you have a torch, though this does not have a reflector. This Peak magnifier has been devised with surveying maps, films, reading, varied graphs and processing products in mind.
  • Magnification 3.5x
  • Dimensions 60x70x90 mm
  • Weight 120 grams
  • Battery powered (UM-2 (1.5V) x 2) required (not included
  • Manufactured by Peak

  • Magnification 3.5x
  • Size 60x70x90 mm
  • Weight 120 grams
  • Battery powered (UM-2 (1.5V) x 2)
  • Model #1987