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Mitutoyo Coolant Proof Caliper - Digital ABS - IP67 0-150mm

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An industry standard measuring tool

ABSOLUTE Coolant Proof Caliper SERIES 500 — with Dust/Water Protection Conforming to IP67 Level

The Mitutoyo ABSOLUTE coolant proof caliper delivers highly accurate, four-way measurement capabilities ideal for shop floor use. Measurements are shown on a larger, impact-resistant digital display.

The robust IP67 ABSOLUTE Digimatic allows for reliable measurements in a wide range of situations and offers you the following benefits:
  • Excellent water and dust resistance (IP67 protection level) Suitable for use during machining steps where coolants and lubricants are used
  • Dustproof, complies with DIN EN 60529 and withstands temporary complete immersion in water without suffering any damage
  • No new origin setting needed after power-on (ABS scale)
  • Extraordinarily long battery life
  • Switch on through slider movement

The Mitutoyo ABSOLUTE coolant proof caliper delivers accurate, repeatable outside dimension, inside dimension, depth and step measurements with accuracy and unrestricted speed in an ergonomic design. The caliper’s slide and jaws are constructed of hardened stainless steel and  provide an impact-resistant, easy-to-ready LCD display for durable, reliable use. The ABSOLUTE caliper can be used in workshop conditions exposed to coolant, water, dust and oil.

  • Available in Metric and Inch/Metric models
  • Available with or without SPC output capabilities
  • Character height on the LCD display increased from 7.4mm to 9.0mm for improved readability
  • Redesigned battery cover eliminates the need for a screwdriver
  • ABSOLUTE (ABS) linear scale eliminates the need for setting the origin point every time the micrometer is powered on
  • Origin reset is not required even when data is re-displayed after loss due to insufficient illumination during use
  • Stainless steel construction protects caliper components and ensures accurate performance for longer duration
  • SPC output function allows for quick and easy data management in real time
  • Functions include Auto On/Off, Origin Set, Zero-Setting, Data Output and inch/mm conversion (on inch/metric models only)
  • Alarm: Counting value composition error
  • IP67 protection eliminates dust ingress, protects against temporary water submersion; permits use in environments exposed to cutting oil, dust, etc.
  • Unnecessary to wipe or clean the scale
  • Supplied in a fitted plastic case

Technical details
(Mitutoyo No.: 500-706-20)

Measurement range 0 - 150mm
Depth bar Flat
Accuracy ±0.02mm
Data output No
Weight 164g
Max. response speed Unlimited
Display LCD, character height 9mm (150, 200mm)
11mm (300mm)
Description In a box, 1x battery included
Battery life ca. 5 years under normal use
ORIGIN (ABS zero point) Yes
Auto. Power Off after
20 min. not in use
Low voltage alarm Yes
Resolution 0.01mm

L 233 mm
A 16.5 mm
B 21 mm
C 14.6 mm
D 40 mm
H 16 mm

  • ABS Coolant Proof Caliper with Dust / Water Protection conforming to IP67 Level. Can be used in workshop conditions exposed to coolant, water, dust or oil. 100% air-leak test ensures every caliper conforms to IP67.

  • Large characters on the display provide better visibility, and hige-contrast LCD reduces eyestrain.

  • Easy to use — advanced ergonomic design uses only 1 button.

  • The automatic power-on / off function shuts down the LCD display after 20 minutes inactivity, but the ABS scale origin is unaffected. Power is restored to the display when the slider is moved.

  • Incorporates Mitutoyo's ABSOLUTE measurement system. No need to reset the origin.

  • Allows step measurement.

  • Battery cap does not require a screw driver for battery replacement (except for 0 to 300 mm / 0 to 12 inch models).

  • Extended battery life of Approx. 5 years due to low current integrated circuit (except for 0 to 300 mm / 0 to 12 inch models).

  • Can be integrated into statistical process control and measurement systems.

  • An inspection certificate is supplied as standard. (However, this cannot be used as a calibration certificate as it is undated.)

Technology: Digimatic
Length Standard: ABSOLUTE electromagnetic induction type linear encoder
Max Response Speed: Unlimited
Display: LCD
Battery: SR44 (1 pc.) 938882
Battery life: Approx. 5 years under normal use
IP Rating: IP67
Optional Accessories: 05CZA624, 05CZA625


Mitutoyo Digimatic calipers feature advanced design styling for easier, faster measurements that are highly accurate and repeatable. Made of hardened stainless steel, our calipers slide smoothly with no need to wipe the scale clean. The digital display is larger and easier to read and displays the actual slider position, ready for measurement without having to zero the caliper. Many different types of Digimatic calipers are available including depth gages, offset calipers and scribing calipers as well as calipers measuring inner and outer dimensions.