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Obrira Binoculars - High End Surgical Loupes

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Extended Working Distance (Lens :
No Extension Lenses, Thank you.
370mm Working Distance (Pair), Product No.: 9255001 ( +£ 69.00 )
550mm Working Distance (Pair), Product No.: 9255002 ( +£ 69.00 )
Palladium Plating, Product No.: 110217115
30 Day Trial Period Included. We believe strongly in the OBRIRA surgical loupes, that we provide 30 day trial period with full refund if not satisfied.

Lightweight German made high end binocular loupes with 2.3x magnification. Working distance 250mm or with special lens caps extended to 370mm and/or 550mm.

Since 1920 Obrira been producing exclusive surgical or dental loupes for high end users. No plastics are used in any part of the frames construction making them highly durable, especially when compared with other manufacturers.These Obrira surgical loupes come with 5 years guarantee and are our favorite choice of surgical loupes- Highly Recommended by The Loupe Store. The unbeatable optics are made by one of the worlds most famous German optics manufacturer.

High grade materials and crafsmanship, acurate engineering, and very functional design:

  • 2.3x magnification
  • Crisp, clear images with high resolution
    Multi-coated, scratch-resistant silica glass lenses produce crisp, clear images
  • Apochromatic lens sytem  
    guarantees perfect stereoscopic viewing with distortion free image
  • Precise adjustment.
    Independently adjustable controls ensure precise alignment of the oculars . This permits optimised view for any user without straining your eyes and without having to constantly readjust.
  • Super lightweight and comfort - only 50 grams
    Most importantly, Obrira only use high end durable materials, anodized aluminum (no plastics).
  • Flexible Working Distance
    Standard 250mm can be extended, to 370 or 550mm with added lens caps (lens caps optional below).
  • Field of View
    60 mm
  • Depth of View
    100 mm
  • Available in
    Classic Gold-plating or Palladium plated (see pictures).
  • LED system available
    Brilliant white, homogenous long lasting LED light, ideal for all medical applications. LED Optional.
  • 5 Years Guarantee
    Obrira in conjunction with The Loupe Store will provide best available service and 5 years guarantee
  • Made in Germany (including all parts)

Further Details: Delivery includes a high quality leather case for transport and storage. The nose-piece is covered by hypoallergenic plastic, and the ear pieces are made with adaptable spring hinges for optimal comfort and long wear.

OBRIRA guarantee this device for five years from date of purchase. OBRIRA guarantee the full function of the surgical loupes, provided it is used as intended by the manufacturer and according to the instructions. Any faults or broken parts which occur during the guarantee period will be repaired free of charge provided they are caused by faults in design, material or in production. Please keep proof of purchase (invoice). This guarantee excludes any defects which occur because of wear and tear or incorrect use or loss. For repairs, please contact The Loupe Store or OBRIRA, who will take you through the quick and uncomplicated proceedure.

Our promise is simple. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will refund you in full. Even if you are a few days over the trial period we do not mind as we at The Loupe Store only want happy customers. Simply contact The Loupe Store with your intent of returning the product and we will send you details on how to proceed.