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Bresser Advance ICD, 10x-160x

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High-quality stereo microscope for amateurs and professionals
Advance ICD is the first trinocular stereo- and biological microscope in the BRESSER range. As an professional instrument, it performs premium optical quality at an unbeatable price.
The combination between a stereo zoom objective (1x-4x), changeable pairs of high grade wide field eyepieces (10x, 20x) and an additional auxiliary lens (2x) allow for the incredible wide magnification range of 10x to 160x. The height adjustable and 360° turnable trinocular head allows for observations of larger items such as rocks or thick circuit boards, in all observing positions.
Photography with a SLR camera or a PC Eyepiece, which can be connected on the trinocular head, is possible during the visual observation through the right ocular at the same time. Naturally, the individual eye relief and the diopter adjustment can be set. The image replication is very realistic, rich in details and full of contrast. This is also due to the bright halogen illumination including blue filter and dimmer, which can be individually turned on for stereo- or transmission observation or both at the same time.

Technical Specifications and Features

Number of Eyepiece/Camera Sockets 3
Product-No. 58-04000
Eye Relief Adjustable yes
Type Stereo microscope
Illumination Halogen bulbs (12 V, 10 W) (incident light, transmitting light)
Diopter adjustment yes
Colour Filter(s) blue
Focussing Drive(s) coarse
Standard Objectives 1x-4x(stereo, zoom), 2x(auxiliary)
Accepts Eyepiece Barrel Ø 30.5 mm
Standard Eyepiece(s) WF10x, WF20x
Power Supply AC
Magnification Range 10x-160x
Viewing Head rotable 360°, inclinated at 45°
Standard Accessories Black/white stereo plate, matt transmission glass plate, rubber eyecups, dust cover