Important Information when buying a 20x magnification:

When buying a 20x magnification magnifier you should know that it is too much magnification for day to day use. A 20x loupe should not be the only magnification in your inspection toolbox. It is unpractical to have just the 20x as many professionals will confirm. 

For example if you're trying to read text you would only see a 4 or 5 letters at a time. Additionally, you will have to be so close the object that you end up blocking the light you need. The magnification is powerful and with a steady hand you will get good results, but please take in account that the field of view is also quite small. It is mainly used by specialists such as tool manufacturers or professionals inspecting specialised objects such as phonograph needles as they get great detail. 

For these reasons we provide a discount on the combined purchase of a 10x and 20x. Please click here to view our 10x and 20x bundled products...

The Loupe Store Staff