Standard Terms and Conditions

1. Offers/fulfillment of contract
The offers displayed and contained on our website represent a non-binding invitation to the customer to place an order with The Loupe Store. By filing out and sending the order-form on the Internet the customer makes a binding offer the for conclusion of the purchase. This enquiry is accepted as an order as soon as the goods have been dispatched. Any confirmation by email of the online-order-enquiry does not represent the acceptance of purchase. The Loupe Store reserves the right not to accept an online-order-enquiry. In such a rare eventuality occurs the customer will be informed as soon as possible.

Photos, technical data, specifications of weight, measurements that are listed on our website and catalogues, newsletters, ads or price lists only are of an informational nature. Any responsibility cannot be accepted by The Loupe Store for the correctness of this information. Other objects (such as film-can etc.) are only displayed for size relevance and are not part of the purchase of a loupe.

2. Prices, Payment and Delivery
We do not deliver to Germany. All prices are quoted in Pound Sterling if nothing else is indicated. Payment should be fulfilled within 21 days of the invoice date. We are registered in Switzerland and under we do not show or claim VAT in any form. Import duties may apply. The customer can choose the following payment methods: UK or European Bank Transfer, Paypal and on request we may accept other forms such as cash or cheques. All prices are to be paid in advance unless otherwise agreed upon.

3. Retention of Title
The products delivered by The Loupe Store shall remain the sole and absolute property of The Loupe Store until the outstanding bills have been fully paid.

4. Guarantee
A buyer has the duty to inspect the goods and right reject the goods (if the condition of the goods so warrants) in writing while notifying the seller in a timely manner within 2 months.

As far as a defect is found in the goods which falls under warranty, the customer shall be entitled in the context of statutory regulations to demand supplementary performance, withdraw from the contract or receive a reduction in price.

We do not accept responsibility for any modification made to the product made on the customers request. This would be for instance a print on the product and we cannot take these back. For proven gross misconduct The Loupe Store would strive towards an acceptable agreement. For these services full prepayment is required if not otherwise discussed and agreed.

5. Data Protection
The Loupe Store only uses personal data of the customer for appropriate purposes and according to statutory regulations. The personal data provided are used by The Loupe Store only for fulfillment and or handling of the contract. This data is treated confidentially by The Loupe Store and is not given to any third parties who are not part of the ordering, delivery and payment procedures

6. Packaging
Due to the law we are obliged to take back packaging that does not hold a symbol for area wide disposal systems (such as the Grüne Punkt of the Duales System Germany Ag or with the RESY symbol) and to take care of the reuse or disposal of the packaging.

To return the packaging please contact us. We will then name you a communal collecting area or a disposal company in your area that will collect and take the packaging free of costs. Should this not be possible, you have the possibility to return the packaging to us. The packaging will either be reused or disposed of by us complying with the packaging ordinance.