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Bresser Researcher Bino, 40x-1000x

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The entry model to the Bresser professional line!

The BRESSER Researcher Bino microscope is based on a solid metal body and performs the wide magnification range 40x-1000x, that is reached with 4 objectives and one pair of eyepieces. So, this instrument fulfils higher demands. The 40x- and the 100x-objective are retractable (saveguarding against damages). The 100x-objective is intended for oil immersion microscopy (immersion oil is included). The LED lamp is very bright, and its intensity is variable with a dimmer. The adjustable Abbe condenser is equipped with a blue filter and an iris diaphragm. There are a focuser with coarse and fine drive for dead-sharp images, and a mechanical desk for exact object positioning. The binocular head is 360° rotable and also it makes possible the individual adjustment of eye relief as well as the diopter adjustment.
Observation objects:

Product family Researcher Bino
Product-No. 57-22100
Type Transmission
Magnification 40x-1000x
Standard Eyepiece(s) DIN WF 10x (pair)
Objectives: Lenses/Groups 4x / 10x / 40x / 100x
Illumination LED