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Bresser Science ETD-101, 7x-45x

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Professional Stereo Microscope 7x - 45x

The BRESSER Extended ICD is a high-quality stereo microscope with transmitted light function, too. It can be used for observation studies in medicine and health, in farming and forestry, in public security departments, schools and scientific research institutes as well as for inspection, assembling and repair of tiny parts in electronics and precision machine industries. This broad spectrum is due to the comprehensive possibilities of the Extended ICD.
The broad furnished base with object stage and the extensive range of adjustable height allow the observation also of larger objects. The instrument has two illuminations (with 10 W halogen lamp each), which can be dimmed separately and can be used in three illumination modes: Transmitted light, reflected light and mixed light illumination. The incident angle of the reflected light illumination can be varied and fixed in a particularly user-friendly way. A pair of changeable wide field eyepieces (WF10x) and a stereo zoom objective (0,7x-4,5x) allow for the magnification range of 7x to 45x. The upright and true sided images are bright, true colored, rich in details and contrast. Naturally, the individual eye relief and the diopter adjustment can be set. The 360° turnable binocular head bears 45° inclined ocular tubes.

Technical Specifications and Features
Product family Science ETD-101
Product-No. 58-06100
Type Stereo / Biological
Magnifaction 7x - 45x
Standard Eyepiece(s) DIN WF 10x (Pair)
Objectives: Lenses/Groups stereo zoom 0,7x - 4,5x
Illumination 12V / 10W Halogen, dimmable