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Bresser Science IVM-401, 100x-400x

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Professional inverted microscope

At the Science IVM 401, the usual direction of illumination and observation is inverted: One illuminates the sample from above and observes it from below. This type allows for the microscopy of sediments and transparent living organisms, which are found at the bottom of a liquid medium. For example, plankton or protozoa at the ground of culture bottles, which should not turned over, can be investigated. So, this special microscope is suitable for public water departments, research institutes and universities, for medical treatment, animal husbandry, agriculture, limnology etc.
The Science IVM 401 has a large fixed object plate with stage moving system, a powerful halogen bulb illumination (30 W) with dimmer and field diaphragm, and a fourfold nosepiece. The trinocular head is turnable and bears 30° inclined eyepiece tubes and a photo tube. There are eye relief adjustment and diopter adjustment, as well as coaxial coarse and fine focusing knobs.
As accessories, which are available on request, you have a big choise: Wide field eyepieces (WF10x, WF16x), planachromatic DIN objectives (10x, 25x, 40x), planachromatic DIN phase contrast objectives with annular diaphragm (10x, 25x, 40x), condenser (working distance 30 mm; with phase contrast), condenser (working distance 70 mm), different filters (blue, green, ground glass) and specimen holders for rectangular or round culture utensils.

Technical Specifications and Features
Diameter Primary Mirror 57-90000
Article Name Science IVM 401
Type Biological
Magnifaction 100x - 400x
Standard Eyepiece(s) DIN WF 10x ( Pair)
Objectives: Lenses/Groups 10x / 25x / 25x PHP2 / 40x
Illumination 6V / 30W Halogen