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Peak Watchmaker's Loupe #2048-A40D

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40 dioptres PEAK watchmaker's loupe with two bi-convex, white glass lenses. These magnifiers are produced using UV-absorbing crown glass; for example the same type of glass as used for corrective eye glasses. The first permanently installed lens has a diameter of 20 mm and the second lens in a removable lens attachment a diameter of 15 mm. The excellent quality of the silicate glass lenses, which are resistant to scratching and solvents, as well as the high quality, extremely robust and impact resistant aluminium frame make these watchmaker's loupes a tool to meet all workshop requirements. The lens attachment is removable allowing two different magnification factors. The housing consists of matt black anodised aluminium. A hole in the housing provides ventilation and prevents the lens from fogging up on the inside.

Magnification 10 x
Focal length 25 mm
Optis: Silicate glass, bi-convex (two lenses)
Lens diameter 20 mm / 15 mm
Overall height 38 mm
Eye cup diameter 37 mm
Weight 13 grams
Headstrap with holder included
Case included
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