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Eschenbach maxEVENT

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  •  Special vision aid for using at public events such as the theatre, musicals, concerts, the cinema and also in stadiums. 
  •  Extremely comfortable to wear. 
  •  Temples can be adjusted without having to be warmed. 
  •  Very high PD tolerance range of 60-68 mm. 
  •  Easy adjustment of dioptre compensation: -2.25 to +3.75 dpt, right/left can be separately adjusted, cylinder correction is not possible. 
  •  Reflective objective lenses. 
  •  Supplied in hard foam case 


  • Allows the user to get closer to the action on the stage at concerts, the theatre, the opera, musicals and many other events.
  • This vision aid will ensure you don‘t miss out on any detail or any movement on-stage. 

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