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Spectacle Clip magnifier - with LED light

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25 ml Lens Self-Cleaning Liquid, Product No.: 99001 ( +£ 2.80 )
100 ml Lens Self-Cleaning Liquid , Product No.: 99002 ( +£ 4.80 )

A very practical lightweight spectacle-clip. Take that strain off your eyes with the LED light for better viewing

You will receive the hard-case for safe storage and transport, the three prisms made out of hardened, shatterproof and polished acryl including a battery changing tool.

  • Three dual acrylic prisms
    Magnification 1,5x, 2,5x and 3,5x (Hardened, shatterproof polished acryl)
  • LED light (long lasting battery included)
  • 3D-prismatic viewing (eye friendly)
  • weight only 35 grams
  • height and angle of the prism is easily adjusted 
Working (FOCUS) Distances for Prisms
  • 1,5x (~ 300 mm work distance)
  • 2,5x (~ 180 mm work distance)
  • 3,5x (~ 140 mm work distance)

Magnification: 1,5x, 2,5x and 3,5x
Lens Type: prism (acryl)
with LED