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ZEISS LC Spectacle Clip-On

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10 ZEISS Pre-Moisted Wipes
1.25, Product No.: 110122
1.4x, Product No.: 1101221

The Zeiss Optics LC is the most perfect choice for usage in in embroideryengraving, dental hygiene and more ... indeed for anyone whose profession or hobby frequently requires a strong, top quality ergonomic magnifier. 

The Zeiss Optics Head-Worn Magnifying Loupes LC (Clip-On) consists of a lightweight clip which attaches easily to most prescription eyeglass frames. The angled grips make it easy to attach and remove magnifier loupe without removing eye glasses.The soft, none-slip caps on the jaws of the clip prevent scratching of prescription lenses. Height and tilt of the loupe lenspiece can be adjusted as desired. The one-piece optical lens is designed with a fixed binocular angle, optimised for the power of the lenses, giving the eyes the ideal working distance to provide low-fatigue 3-dimensional stereo viewing. 

  • very light 20 grams and stable
  • scratch-proof, none-slip clips to protect your spectacles
  • the position is held at all angles
  • simply flip-up the lens between breaks or other tasks
  • the loupe is delivered in a robust protective transport container
Our gift to you: With each ZEISS order we include 10 ZEISS Pre-Moistened Lens Cleaning Wipes.

Made in Germany!


Two Versions:

  • LC D4
    • Magnification 1.25X at a nominal working distance of 8" (200 mm)
    • Field of view of approx. 3-1/4" x 4" (83 mm x 100 mm)
  • LC D6
    • Magnification 1.5X at a nominal working distance of 6 inches (150 mm)
    • Field of view of appprox. 2-3/4" x 3" (72 mm x 75 mm)
The lenses are also interchangeable with the ZEISS Headband Magnifier L (Our prod. number: 210122, 2101221), which can be found here: ZEISS Optics Head-Worn Visor Magnifying Loupes Model L  

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