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LED Hand Lens Magnifier

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8x, Product No.: 1210165
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Lanyard - with quick release Clip, Product No.: 94001 ( +£ 1.49 )

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We have reduced the price on this LED magnifier due to a misprint during manufacturing. This is a 10x or 8x loupe not a 20x.

  • 10x or 8x Magnification
  • lens diameter Ø18mm, Ø21mm
  • LED light for better viewing
  • 2 batteries included
  • Chrome casing
  • Hole on loupe for neck-band/lanyard (optional)
 Please see customer notice in tab above. No loupe-pouch available for this size.

We would advise customers not to buy similar looking LED loupes with a black plastic button. There seems to be a lot being offered over the web. These black buttons easily get permanently stuck making the LED function useless - sometimes even after one click. We found this information so important that we decided to post it here. 

You need to hold the loupe up closely to your eye. Then, bring the specimen you wish to inspect up into its focal-distance:



This product is compatible with (for example):

Lanyard with quick release Clip

Lanyard with quick release Clip

£ 1.59
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