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Triplet Loupe - As recommended by the BBC Wildlife Magazine

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Recommended by the BBC Wildlife Magazine - Issue June 2008
Wildlife ON TEST Winner: Conclusion: "The perfect combination: excellent build quality, bright optics and a bargain price.

This robust pocket loupe range is a classic and is used in a wide range of of professions. The lens provides a sharp, distortion-free image with excellent strength and clarity.

If your work requires so, the larger viewing field is highly appropriate.

  • 10x magnification
  • 21 mm viewing field
  • Triplet (aplanatic & achromatic) lens
  • focal distance 28 mm/1.1"
  • linear field of view  17 mm
  • weight 47 grams
  • metal construction (chromed)
  • hole on loupe for neck-band (optional, see Options below)
     Only available at  The Loupe Store!
  • For every 15 loupes you buy, you will receive one free leather pouch !
Various usage:
hallmarks, minerals, geology, plants, botanics, stamps, coins, jewelry, diamonds, watches, tool-inspection...

The Triplet lens-system combines the aplanatic features of a distortion free image with the color correction of an achromatic lens making this magnifier a highly important tool for viewing the true color of the examined object.

You need to hold the loupe up closely to your eye. Then, bring the specimen you wish to inspect up into its focal-distance:



Here is what your loupe couldlook like:


Advertise with a Magnifier
Our clients also use this loupe to advertise their Company/University logo or slogan on it. Either for reselling or as a promotional item, this is a great item to advertise. 

In general you will have problems finding a company that will offer print lower than 300 prints. We have a special agreement with a print company that offer this serivice with us from 100 pcs. 100 prints (loupes) is the minimum quantity.

We will provide you with a speical price for the loupe. So please
contact us! 

Chromatic aberration is caused by a lens having a different refractive index for different wavelengths of light (lens dispersion), meaning that different colors focus at different distances from the lens. Longitudinal and lateral chromatic aberration of a lens can be seen as "fringes" of color around the image.   


Chromatic aberration of a single lens causes different wavelengths of light to have differing focal lengths.

An achromatic doublet has the same focal length for red and blue light.

As can be seen above, chromatic aberration can be minimized by using an Achromatic Lens or Achromat, in which special optical materials with differing dispersion are assembled together to form a compound lens.


This product is compatible with (for example):

Lanyard with quick release Clip

Lanyard with quick release Clip

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