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Tech-Line watchmaker's Professional Set

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Lens Cleaner - Self-Cleansing (25ml), Product No.: 99001 ( +£ 3.00 )

This Professional Set allows you to have the best eye-glass magnifications at your disposal in a sturdy, elegant aluminum case. With this delivery you will receive all four Tech-Line eye-glass magnifiers at 6x, 8x, 10x and 15x magnification including the aluminum casing. 

Equipped with an aplanatic lens system, the watchmaker's magnifier fulfills highest optical requirements! The optics are made from silicate glass, which is very scratch-resistant, has a very high resolution (very sharp!) and produces an extremely high contrast image- Schweizer uses a UV absorbent optical crown as used with prescription lenses (refractive index n=1.52).   

The base is shock-resistant and has a low-reflection surface. The housing is coated with a special 2-component coating, which is scratch-resistant. Additionally, this coating is resistant to hand perspiration and nearly all chemicals and solvents.

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Art No.   Magni.  Diametre    Lens Type
09706     6x          22.8 mm    aspheric/glass 
09708     8x          22.8 mm    aplanatic/glass 
09510     10x        22.8 mm    aplanatic/glass

09515     15x        16.3 mm    aplanatic/glass

High Professional Product Made in Germany

  • Housing/Base
     Scratch resistant
    Low reflection surface
     Shock resistant
  • Lens/Optics
    Aplanatic lens-system
    Silicate Glass
    Scratch resistant
    High resolution (sharpness)

  • Magnification 
    6x, 8x 10x and 15x

Tech-Line is synonymous with technically sophisticated products which meet the requirements for high-quality optics, ergonomic handling and sturdy materials which are suitable for daily use.

Discover the variety
By developing the Tech-Line series, SCHWEIZER created an ultra-modern magnifier generation, which combines the following features.

The Tech-Line Series has been professionally adapted for the demanding requirements & conditions of any work environment.

Additional performance:
  • High quality, aplanatic silicate glass optics. In the low magnification range, biconvex optics / bifocals are used.
  • The silicate-glass optics used in Schweizers Tech-Line magnifiers are 100% manufactured in Germany. Not only do they contain the best optical features, they are also very scratch-resistant! (especially in comparison with plastic lenses).
    - All magnifiers with a silver coating are coated with a special 2-component-coating:
      Resistant to hand perspiration.
      Resistant to nearly all solvents/chemicals.
      Very hard and plane surface, scratch-resistant and easy to clean.
  • Schweizer uses environmentally-friendly, energy-saving and extremely long-life high-performance LEDs (light colour approx. 6000 K). 
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