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Prisms for the various Headband Magnifiers

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Magnification + Working Distance:
1.85x with 250mm, Product No.: 96001
2.0x with 220mm, Product No.: 96002 ( +£ 1.00 )
2.5x with 170mm, Product No.: 96003 ( +£ 2.00 )
2.75x with 150mm, Product No.: 96004 ( +£ 2.00 )
3.0x with 130mm, Product No.: 96005 ( +£ 3.00 )
3.5x with 100mm, Product No.: 96006 ( +£ 3.50 )
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Lens Cleaner - Self-Cleansing (25ml), Product No.: 99001 ( +£ 3.00 )

Easy to change- extra prisms for the different magnifications and corresponding working distances. Buy a spare prism or magnification for your work.

These prisms are partly included in the Tech-Line Binocular LED headband magnifier normal set and all six come with the Tech-Line Binocular LED Headband Magnifier Professional Set. Also, they are compatible with the High Grade Headband Magnifier 'metal' and the High Grade Headband Magnifier.

If  you need a spare for safety or wish to use and try different working distances these prisms combined with the Tech-Line Binocular Headband Magnifier are a good investment. Please choose your magnification below. Stated price is for one prism.

Details on Magnification and Working/Focal Distance and Optics above.

Magnification  /    Focal Distance
1,85x                      250 mm
2x                            220 mm
2,5x                        170 mm
2,75x                      150 mm
3x                            130 mm
3,5x                         100 mm

The optics are made from silicate glass, which is very scratch-resistant, has a very high resolution (very sharp!) and produces an extremely high contrast image- Schweizer uses a UV absorbent optical crown as used with prescription lenses (refractive index n=1.52).

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