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Precision Duo Scale "Tech-Line Series"

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Scale 1 - Standard, Product No.: 97001
Scale 2 - Multi, Product No.: 97002
Scale 3 - Angle , Product No.: 97003
Scale 4 - Grid, Product No.: 97004
Scale 5 - Width, Product No.: 97005

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Optional Scales for:
Also see very bottom- compatible with.
Fast and easy to install thanks to a clever guided installation system.

Sturdy, scratch-resistant hard-glass disks are used for the high-quality, ultra-modern Tech-Line Duo-Scales. During the development and manufacture of these scales nothing has been left to chance!

The duo-scales are, as its name states, two scales in one. You can find the common visible macro scale (Ø25 mm) as well as a micro scale (Ø2.5 mm) in the bottom half of the disk. Based in a black plastic ring, the scale floats/hovers over the object which prevents scratches.

The scaling, which is made out of hard-chrome, has purposely been applied on the underside of the hard-glass disks to prevent parallax error.

Five Scales to Choose from (Scale Number correlates to the position of the pictures):
More details on each scale are to follow and until then can be provided on request.

Tech-Line is synonymous with technically sophisticated products which meet the requirements for high-quality optics, ergonomic handling and sturdy materials which are suitable for daily use.

Discover the variety
By developing the Tech-Line series, SCHWEIZER created an ultra-modern magnifier generation, which combines the following features.

The Tech-Line Series has been professionally adapted for the demanding requirements & conditions of any work environment.

Additional performance:

  • High quality, aplanatic silicate glass optics. In the low magnification range, biconvex optics / bifocals are used.
  • The silicate-glass optics used in Schweizers Tech-Line magnifiers are 100% manufactured in Germany. Not only do they contain the best optical features, they are also very scratch-resistant! (especially in comparison with plastic lenses).
    - All magnifiers with a silver coating are coated with a special 2-component-coating:
      Resistant to hand perspiration.
      Resistant to nearly all solvents/chemicals.
      Very hard and plane surface, scartch-resistant and easy to clean.

  • Schweizer uses environmentally-friendly, energy-saving and extremely long-life high-performance LEDs (light colour approx. 6000 K).  


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